My name is Chip and I’m a Hondaholic.
isc avitar

I average over 20,000 miles a year on my bike including a daily 70 mile round trip commute to work. So if you are wondering
why the tag line “views and reviews from inside my helmet” on my videos, it is because I spend so much of my time on my bike I have
a lot of time to reflect on other things while I’m riding.

So I’m not your typical motovlogger, I’m not a generation X,Y,Z millinial type. I’m actually a baby boomer. So when other motovloggers
are talking about the latest or greatest video game, I am more likely to be talking about my great grand children. So I may appeal to
a different audience, but I’m OK with that. However I greatly enjoy the views of others that are very different than my own. I stumbled
across motovloggers while researching about motorcycles on Youtube and became facinated with the raw, unscripted experience. I began to
follow many on their rides and reviews and found myself completely imersed in their experience. So I broke the news to my wife that, I too
wanted to become a motovlogger. Now by my wifes defination of a motovlogger is an idiot on a motorcycle with a camera stuck on his head.
I was only lacking the camera, but a trip to the local Walmart fixed all that. If you are wondering what to expect from my channel. well
you probably will not find smokey burn outs, wheelies or high speed hi jinx, but there is plenty of that out there. What you will find is
my perspective of my favorite places to ride, reviews of some bikes that I am interested in and life in general. I hope you like and enjoy
my videos and please feel free to hit that subscribe button to keep up with the Iconic Sport Cycle Motovlog.


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